Virtual teams

Virtual teams, global teams, distance teams, remote teams. It goes by many names. It’s teams who work and collaborate across distances, time zones and cultures. Common denominator is that they interact primarily through technology.  

For many people this technological setting is their everyday work-space, partially or fully. Unfortunately many people also find this virtual setting complicated and difficult to work in. At Augmenti we help virtual teams reach their potential. By focusing on our clients’ daily practices, we develop solutions that help teams create meaningful relations and productive work collaborations. 

We focus first and foremost on identifying the team’s strengths and areas of improvement. We do this through interviews, and particularly through observations of your team’s meetings. This way we gain deep insight in your team’s existing practices. Through workshops we help you find solutions to augment your team - solutions that are based on our professional experience, and your knowledge about your team. The focus in these workshops will be on how you, as a team, can work with new practices, to create meaningful relations and improve team performance. 

We have worked with teams in industries such as food & beverage, oil & gas, and manufacturing to consultancy, start-ups, engineering and IT. We have experience with project teams, functional teams, and cross-organizational teams and we have advised on team practices in daily, weekly and monthly meetings. We have extensive insight into meeting dynamics and we have advised on development of many types of meetings, ranging from short stand-up project meetings, through hourly knowledge-sharing meetings, to half-day workshops concerning review, planning and developing. 

We are passionate about working virtual. Our approach is always with you and your business as our point of departure. We carry out inspirational seminars and sessions on virtual teams, leadership, and meetings. We conduct complete analyzes of your specific challenges and context. We facilitate your leadership and team development. We develop the solutions that improve and augment your daily, virtual way of working.

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