Transforming research insights to organizational performance

Augmenti uses research-based methods to develop organizational practices and improve performance. Our consultants have strong research and theoretical backgrounds combined with practical experience developing virtual teams, meetings, and leaders. Using qualitative research methods, we explore and challenge organizations’ practices and develop operational solutions and training materials that have direct impact on teams’ or individuals’ every practice and create new possibilities for organizations. Our aim is to develop advice, solutions and analyzes that create value for the specific organization. We want to move beyond the typical generic advice, and instead dig deeper to ensure that our solutions make sense to the customer. 

At Augmenti, we want to help teams, leaders and individuals perform to the best of their abilities. We see people’s performance and their connection to the work, organization or team as inseparable. We place people in the center and take our starting point in their practices and challenges. 


The Augmenti process focuses first and foremost on identifying strengths and areas of improvement depending on what your specific focus is (meeting, leadership, team or organization). This is done through both interviews, but also observations of your virtual meetings. In this process we gain deep insight in your existing practices, which is helpful to understand where we can make a difference for you. At Augmenti, we emphasize and focus on practice - not just "best practice", but on what you do in your daily work, your daily practices, because this is where real change can be initiated.

Next step in the process is, through workshops or discussions, to develop the right initiatives, which can augment both leaders and teams. Focus will be on finding initiatives based on our experience and expertise together with your insights. The goal is to produce plans on how you can incorporate new practices, new ways of communicating and create a better work environment to improve your performance and create lasting connections within the team or organization.

In the last phase the initiatives will be implemented. We offer to support you through this implementation phase, based on an individual tailored plan that suits your needs.