We augment your virtual way of working

We all work virtually today. Some more and some less. The virtual way of working has many benefits for both organizations and individuals. It offers flexibility and allows for us to work and connect across the globe in a sustainable and responsible manner. The virtual way of working has in the past few decades fundamentally changed how we interact and communicate with each other. Technology is of course the central factor for our ability to work virtually, but it is important that we do not only focus on technology. Rather we need to be attentive to how people and technology interact. We need to consider what technology can do for us, when we work virtually, but also the implications it has for us as people, as teams, as leaders.

When we work virtually, we are challenged particularly in regards to creating team identities, cohesion, innovation, communication and close collaboration. It can be difficult, as an individual or a team, to connect to others and find meaning with the work. Organizations risk that talented employees are not engaged fully or that teams do not deliver their best performance due to inefficient communication practices, lack of interpersonal relations, unclear expectations or roles. In the virtual workplace, meaning matter. Both individuals, teams and leaders need to experience that their work contribute, and move the organization forward; that what they do is meaningful.

At Augmenti, we want to enrich work lives and improve performance. We believe these two are inseparable. We believe that by augmenting the one, we positively influence the other. To augment means to amplify, to strengthen. It derives from the Latin word Augmentum. The singular genitive version is Augmenti. At Augmenti, our purpose is to augment your virtual way of working.