Augmenti helps optimize your virtual collaboration with external suppliers

Outsourcing is a great opportunity for companies today. Outsourcing offers cost-reductions, global sourcing of talent and access to relevant competences. However, working virtually with externals can often be challenging and unfortunately, outsourced projects frequently face serious problems or collaboration issues.

Problems often arise due to ‘simple’ matters such as miscommunication, different work practices, lack of transparency or misalignment on tasks, expectations or processes. Matters which are challenging in all types of virtual collaboration, but in particular when also working across organizational boundaries. When you work with externals, perhaps located across the world, you work across organizational boundaries and contexts, as well as across distances, time zones and perhaps cultures. This can be quite challenging. So, it is essential that both managers and employees are aware of the challenges of outsourcing - of working virtually with externals on a day to day level – and that leaders and employees become capable to handle these problems and transform the collaboration with externals into productive outsourcing projects.

At Augmenti, we can help managers and employees become better at collaborating virtually with suppliers. By focusing on our clients’ daily practices, we can develop solutions that create productive collaborations. To do this, we focus first and foremost on identifying areas of improvement. What are the pain points and what would be the realistic ‘dream scenario’? We zoom in on your experiences and virtual collaboration practices. We primarily work through interviews and observations of your meetings with your external partner and also consider your specific setup and demands in terms of deliveries. We help develop solutions through workshops with you – in that way, the solutions  are based on our professional experience, and your knowledge and needs.

We have worked with teams in industries such as food & beverage, oil & gas, and manufacturing to consultancy, start-ups, engineering and IT. We have experience with project teams, functional teams, and cross-organizational teams and we have advised on team practices in daily, weekly and monthly meetings. We have advised on development of many types of meetings, ranging from short stand-up project meetings, through hourly knowledge-sharing meetings, to half-day workshops concerning review, planning and developing.

We are passionate about working virtual. Our approach is always with you and your business as our point of departure. We carry out inspirational seminars and sessions on virtual teams, leadership, and meetings. We conduct complete analyzes of your specific challenges and context. We facilitate your leadership and team development. We develop the solutions that improve and augment your daily, virtual way of working.

Let’s get in touch and find out how we can help augment your virtual teams.