The Team


Liv Otto Hassert

+45 26745225

Liv is an expert in communication and collaboration in international teams and founding partner in Augmenti. She has a PhD in communication and global projects from the University of Copenhagen and did her PhD in collaboration with Maersk Line. 

Over the past years, Liv has in close partnership with international companies researched leadership, collaboration and communication in global, virtual teams. She has transformed research findings and theoretical insight into practical advise and operational knowledge that enable organizations, teams and individual to become ready for the virtual future. Using her extensive analytical skills and through close engagement with practice – on different organizational levels – she quickly identifies organizations, teams, and leader’ strengths and challenges and through workshops facilitates a positive development process. 

Liv is an experienced workshop facilitator and speaker about topics such as leadership and virtual teams. She engages with diverse audiences and when doing so strives to make an impact here and now and in the future. She is the author of several book chapters and articles on meetings, virtual meetings, international teams and collaboration, projects and finally analytical methods. Liv also supervises and teaches at Copenhagen Business School, primarily focussing on global projects, intercultural collaboration, and digital organizing. Finally, Liv continues to actively engage with the research community and is a member of Centre of Interaction Research and Communication Design at the University of Copenhagen. 

Liv has the expertise to quickly assess organization’s, team’s and individual's communicative and collaborative challenges and needs and develop solutions and strategies that enable development. As a person Liv is passionately engaged and driven by making a difference for organizations and individuals. In her work, people are at the centre and she enjoys working with individuals and teams to augment their work lives and help them achieve their goals.


Lise Dahl Arvedsen

+45 27 82 06 27

Lise is an experienced advisor in supporting and developing virtual leaders and teams, combining her experiences from her professional career and her academic research. She is a skilled professional with several years of experience in advising on performance and incentives planning, helping companies to motivate their employees from the executive boards and managing directors to the sales floor. Lise is founding partner in Augmenti. 

Working closely with leaders on all levels of the organizations, Lise draws on her background in business coaching, participation in a year-long talent program in a multinational organization and assignments with leaders in several organizations focusing on the expectations of what today’s organizations expect of their future leaders. She facilitates workshops and training sessions for highly diverse audiences and engages in personalized development sessions for the individual leader.

Currently Lise is affiliated with Copenhagen Business School, being engaged in a research project, involving a range of international companies, where she further strengthens her knowledge of the practices of leadership in virtual teams. Applying her research findings, she enables leaders and teams to develop and improve their collaboration and meetings based on their actual practices. As a part of her affiliation she also conducts university-level teaching, supervising and censoring, while she is actively contributing to the academic community through articles, conference presentations and discussions in knowledge sharing forums.  

Lise has the expertise to assess both the collaborative challenges within the team and also individual areas of improvement for the team manager, in relation to leading virtually. As a person, she is focused, very structured and highly engaged within her areas of expertise. Lise is determined to make an impact where organizations are developing their virtual collaboration and leadership; where she can advise and support the team and manager to excel collaboration and augment their performance.