Leading virtually is about connecting across distances and moving your team forward

Leadership is essential for organizations, for teams, and for individuals. Leaders can facilitate engagement, performance, innovation and collaboration. Leadership is not about having the “right”, generic qualities, but about communication and being able to engage team members. It is about moving people and the work forward. It is about creating a meaningful place of work for people to ensure that they work to the best of their abilities and to retain the talented employees. In today’s world, meaning matter. Especially in virtual teams and organizations. But how do you as a leader accomplish this when you rarely see people? How do you lead from a distance? How do you do virtual leadership?

At Augmenti we strengthen leaders’ abilities to lead virtually. We believe leadership is about more than values and charisma. Leadership is about what you do in your daily life – it’s deeply rooted in your routines, your everyday practices. By analyzing leaders’ virtual communication, leadership approaches, and their collaboration with the teams, we help transform the daily leadership in organizations and teams.

We help you develop your leadership practices by first and foremost identifying your strengths and areas of improvement. At Augmenti, we work through interviews and observations, an approach that is deeply rooted in our scientific backgrounds. This process allows for deep insight in your existing practices – we get close to your everyday setting and challenges. Through workshops we develop the right initiatives, which can augment both you as a leader and your team. Focus will be on how you can incorporate new practices, new ways of communicating and creating a better work environment and improved performance. To help you reach your goals and potential, we offer an individual tailored plan that suits your needs and guides your implementation of the new practices. Through this process, we enable leaders to handle the virtual future.

Our experience range within industries from food & beverage, oil & gas, and manufactoring to consultancy, start-ups, engineering and IT. We have experience with project teams, functional teams, and cross-organizational teams and advised on communication practices in daily, weekly and monthly meetings. 

We are passionate about working virtual. Our approach is always with you and your business as our point of departure. We carry out inspirational seminars and sessions on virtual teams, leadership, and meetings. We conduct complete analyses of your specific challenges and context. We facilitate your leadership and team development. We develop the solutions that improve and augment your daily, virtual way of working.

Let’s get in touch and find out how we can help you augment as a virtual leader.