Virtual meetings require a new type of communication – we can help you develop interactive and productive virtual meetings

Meetings are of the outmost importance for virtual collaboration and work. Many organizations and teams, however, struggle with their virtual meetings. They experience clashes with technology, they struggle with engagement from participants, and meeting facilitators are challenged and find it difficult to make virtual meetings as meaningful and productive as ‘ordinary’ meetings. These struggles have both immediate and long-term impact on teams’ and colleagues’ knowledge sharing, task collaboration, coordination, sense of belonging, and individuals’ feelings of achievement and progression.

At Augmenti we help small and large organizations to improve their virtual meetings. We have successfully advised teams and team managers in how to augment both their meeting facilitation and participation in order to improve performance and create meaningful, interactive, productive meetings.

Through observations of your meetings and workshops with the involved parties we advise on meeting facilitation, communication processes, codes of conduct etc. Our point of departure is your framing of the meeting: what is the type of meeting, what is expected outcome and what is the general need. We focus on specific solutions – tailored to your needs and challenges – that make a positive impact both here and now and in the future. 

Our experience range within industries from food & beverage, oil & gas, and manufacturing to consultancy, start-ups, engineering and IT. We have experience with project teams, functional teams, and cross-organizational teams and advised on team practices in daily, weekly and monthly meetings. We have extensive insight into meeting dynamics and advised on development of many types of meetings, ranging from short stand-up project meetings, through hourly knowledge-sharing meetings, to half-day workshops concerning review, planning and developing. 

We are passionate about working virtual. Our approach is always with you and your business as our point of departure. We carry out inspirational seminars and sessions on virtual teams, leadership, and meetings. We conduct complete analyses of your specific challenges and context. We facilitate your leadership and team development. We develop the solutions that improve and augment your daily, virtual way of working.

Let’s get in touch and find out how we can help augment your virtual business meetings.