Augmenti helps you strengthen your virtual organization

Virtual organizations are the present and the future. Starts-ups and existing organizations are realizing the benefits of the virtual way of working. This exciting new way of working, however, also poses new challenges – in particular for the cohesion of the organization, for the interpersonal relations between co-workers, for communication processes, and coordination and collaboration practices. How your organization is structured, which kind of work you do, and where you wish your organization should be in the future, matter greatly and require attention to daily virtual collaboration practices. 

Whether you are starting up as a virtual organization or have been in the game for a while, we at Augmenti can help you analyze and improve your virtual practices. You might struggle with the communication processes in your organization, or with creating an organizational identity or sense of belonging due to the virtual way of working. Taking our point of departure in your challenges and future goals, we help you identify your organization’s practices and areas of improvement. Through methods such as interviews and observations, we gain insight in your existing practices and through workshops we - together with you - develop solutions that are based on our professional experience, and your knowledge about your organization. We also offer to develop a tailored plan that guides your implementation of the new virtual practices and help your organization reach its potential. 

Our experience range within industries from food & beverage, oil & gas, and manufacturing to consultancy, start-ups, engineering and IT. We have experience with project teams, functional teams, and cross-organizational teams and advised on team practices in daily, weekly and monthly meetings.  

We are passionate about working virtual. Our approach is always with you and your business as our point of departure. We carry out inspirational seminars and sessions on virtual teams, leadership, and meetings. We conduct complete analyses of your specific challenges and context. We facilitate your leadership and team development. We develop the solutions that improve and augment your daily, virtual way of working.

Let’s get in touch and find out how we can help you augment your virtual organization.